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There’s a lot to cover today. Between the anthology series, wrapping up RECURSION, and planning a new series, there’s a lot going on to tell you about. But first, I wanted to start with something a bit personal. As you all know, my newborn son spent almost three months in the NICU due to being born prematurely. The hospital bills are pouring in, and we’re starting to look at ways to cover this. If you didn’t know, Amazon always pays 90 days out, so even if some of my new endeavors start performing really well, we’d have to wait three months before seeing the results. So I’ve been thinking of some alternative ways to help pay for some of these bills.

Which brings me to a question…

Would you like to know the easiest way to get my books for the cheapest price, every time?

The easiest way, by far, is to support me on Patreon. For only $1 a month, you will be sent links to download my books for free before they release, for every release. That’s only 1$ a month regardless of whether I release one book or three books that month. There are options to support at higher price points, which include things like signed paperbacks, blog posts, an insider writing journal, and live readers.


Finally, “The Drone Pilot” has gotten its first review, and it’s a great one! If you haven’t read “The Drone Pilot” yet, you really should. You can get it here.