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Recursion Relaunch is LIVE

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

In anticipation for the release of the final book in my time travel series, I am relaunching each of the four previously released books and you can expect to notice a few changes with the relaunch. RECURSION, book one in the series, is already live on pre-order and will be published on December 5, 2019 (see below for the full release schedule).

For those of you who have already one one or more of the books, you may be wondering if there is any reason you should purchase them again. That's a great question. Often, when books get a new cover, it is primarily to entice new readers. Sure, longtime fans may want to get the new version as a show of support, but it isn't essential to their appreciation of the story.

Fan Pricing

For those of you who've already purchased the book and aren't interested in only receiving the new material, you can hold off on pre-ordering and wait for the fan-pricing sale. About four days after launch (so most likely Monday December 9) I'll be holding a one-day-only 99c cent sale. I'll see how this goes with Recursion and if it goes well then I will do it on the other books in the series. This sale will be specifically to reward fans who've already purchased in the past. So if that's you, don't pre-order and wait for the sale. But make sure you're paying attention because, again, this sale will only last 24 hours.

New Material

I am adding nearly 20,000 words of new material to book one. These new scenes will be in the form of flashbacks inserted into the existing material. None of the original material will be changing, but the addition of these flashbacks will round out the story, providing context and emotional depth. One important note. Everyone on my mailing list will have an opportunity to read the flashback scenes as a mailing list exclusive download before the re-release of book one. If you are reading this on social media and haven't already signed up to mailing list, you can do that on my website. Just scroll to the bottom of the page.

A New Series Title

The individual book titles are not changing, but the series title will now be called The End of Time. I'm doing this for a few reasons. First, I was never in love with the original title. And second, since I first released Recursion back in 2017, a new book of the same title was released by the excellent Blake Crouch. I'm still keeping the title for my first book in the series (I mean, I did use it first) but changing the series title will help me market the books as distinct from Crouch's excellent work (I read it, it's great, and you should read it too).

New Covers

Every book in the series is receiving a brand new cover to better position it in the appropriate genre. If you're a fan of the Netflix Series Dark, you may notice some subtle design inspiration. The books are similarly dramatic in nature.

Release Schedule

The books will be released every other Thursday, starting December 5th.

  • Recursion—December 5, 2019 (pre-order now for $4.99)

  • Dispersion—December 19, 2019

  • Incursion—January 2, 2020

  • Recension—January 16, 2020

  • Inversion—January 30, 2020

  • The End of Time: (The Complete Series)—February 13, 2019

That's all for now. Happy reading!

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