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Finding the right Soundtrack for your Scene

I always spend some time at the start of a project finding just the right playlist for what I’m writing, be it a novel, screenplay, or short story. For me, it’s usually a single album or soundtrack that, as I write, will be played hundreds of times on a loop. Each work has it’s own “soundtrack”, and the process of putting on my headphones and hitting play is part of what helps me in getting the words to flow.

But sometimes that playlist is just wrong for the particular scene I am working on. Maybe that action scene I’m writing needs something a little more high octane. Or that Mr. Robot Season two soundtrack I’ve picked as my book’s soundtrack just won’t work for this romantic scene. For those purposes, I’ve started making playlists for writers built around themes and genres. These playlists started for myself, but I’ve decided to share them.

All of my playlists are hosted on Spotify. You don’t need a pro account to listen to them, and even with the free account you can save the playlist and make your own changes to it. Just click the image below or listen directly through the player at the bottom of this post.

Something Ominous This Way Comes (Instrumentals for Authors)

Scares aren’t only for horror stories. A dark basement, a quiet alley, and all the things that go bump in the night.

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