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In May 2017, my short story THE DRONE PILOT was released as part of the EXPANDING UNIVERSE ANTHOLOGY. The short story has finally come back to me, and I’ve released as a standalone. You can get it right now on Amazon for 99c. This was something different for me to write. It was a very emotional story, and was inspired by the very real grief of some close friends.  Here’s the description:

A suicidal drone is on a collision course with a colony ship. The drone is piloted by a marvel of modern technology, a quantum linked pilot who is neurally linked to the drone across 1.9 light years. But severing the link will kill the pilot. On the anniversary of her daughter’s passing, one woman finds herself the arbiter of life and death.

As a little teaser, here is a question that one character asks of another in The Drone Pilot.

Okeke sat down beside Nancy in front of the ChomoSleep chamber. Nancy looked at him. “I asked you, when May was dying, when she couldn’t speak any longer, how far was the distance from the soul to the tongue when the neural pathways were no longer working. Do you remember that?”

I am fascinated by philosophical questions; particularly ones where I don’t have any clue about the answer myself. If a question completely evades me, then it’s the right question to ask. So how might you answer that question?

You can buy the short story on Amazon for 99c. But as a thank you to my readers, I am offering it to them for free you sign up to my newsletter. Happy Reading.

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