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Future Visions: Volume 1

The first volume of Future Visions is now available, which means it’s your turn to help.

Do me a favor, spend a buck, and help bring more high-quality fiction to this world in a time when it is needed more than ever.

You might find it hard to think about supporting fiction when there is news of child immigrants being separated from their parents at the border (which of course is a very noble cause to spend your time, attention, and resources on).

But fiction has an amazing power to speak to our current times. Think about The Handmaids Tale. Black Mirror. Both are powerful commentaries on our current world. Or even Stranger Things, which acts as a balm to anxious times.

Science fiction can give warnings for our future and can act as a balm on our modern age. You’ll see both of those kinds of stories in this anthology.

I’m incredibly proud of this series, and I believe that reading the stories within it can improve our society by pushing people to think about important issues. For example:

BETWEEN THE SHADOW AND THE SOUL by Davian Aw speaks to the power (and dangers) of virtual reality for those seeking to define their sexual and gender identities.

THE WRITING CONTEST by Yudhanjaya Wijeratne shines a light on the threat of AI taking over even our ability to tell original and important stories.

SCHOOL NIGHTS by Justin Campbell explores the ideological gaps between generations.

THE CLIMB by Alison Ingleby examines reality television as a means to increase one’s station in a society with extreme wealth and privilege gaps.

And ALPHA RUN by yours truly (Brian J. Walton) examines race relations and police brutality through the analogy of Synthetic human rights.

And many more of the stories will thrill and entertain. one’s

BUT I simply can’t afford to continue making this series if this first volume doesn’t sell well.

While it is my most successful launch to date, it still needs to do better to make it profitable.

We are nearing 100 sales for launch week, but my goal is 200.

We’ve only got four reviews. My goal is TWENTY.

Over the course of this series’ run, my goal is to hit 1000 sales and FIFTY reviews.

If I don’t hit these goals, it will be hard to justify continuing this series.

So do me a favor, spend a buck, write a review, and help bring more high-quality fiction into this world.